How do Italians celebrate Carnival?

A couple of months before Easter, Italy celebrates Carnival. Princesses, pretty fairies, little tigers, and wizards appear on the streets, in parks, and in shopping centres. At this time of year, there are parades and festivities, during which Italians celebrate and enjoy themselves before the period of Lent begins.

The origins of Carnival, a time permitting a brief break from the restrictions of everyday chores, rules, and norms, date back to Ancient Greece and Rome. Even in the darkest days of the Middle Ages, Carnival was a time for the carefree celebration of worldly joys! Right from the beginning, a major aspect of Carnival has been mask-wearing, a practice which provided greater freedom to both nobles and serving classes alike. The nobility could celebrate alongside their servants who, in turn, could make fun of their masters without fear of reprimand or punishment for their own behaviour.